How to use a smudge stick

Smudge Sticks

Sage Smudge Sticks have been used in the Native American Indian traditions for many generations to purify an area from negative energies. Used as part of the many ceremonies, the smudge stick plays the part of the purifier, cleanser and agreement of intent to nature.

Sage as an herb and incense has also been used in many other cultures, who also agreed that the herb has magical purifying, and clearing abilities. In addition earth workers also use sage as part of a benevolent working as sage is also reputed to encourage a wealth of positive energy to flow.

Today sage is one of the tools of choice for many light workers during healing both before and after a healing session. The Smudge stick can be used to cleanse a person, an area or your crystals.

To Use the Smudge Stick

Light one end of your smudge stick, and gently blow the flame into the bundle. After it has ignited part way, extinguish by partly smothering the flame until the stick only smokes from the burning embers, rather than from a pure flame. Please ensure that visible flame is out before moving on.

The smoking smudge stick is now ready for use; one can begin to direct smoke around the body using the smudge stick in a brushing manner to cleansing the user. Once completed use the smudge stick in your chosen area, other person or item.

We would recommend using a receptacle to catch falling embers and to serve as resting place for the smudge stick. We display an Abalone Shell on site for this purpose.

You can use a fan or feather to direct the smoke if you wish to direct smoke around your self, another person, or in your place of ceremony to purify the energy that is present. This can be done by casting spiraling circles with the smudge stick, starting from the centre, and widening the circle with each pass.
Some people like to set square wards with the smoke using the four directions, and some more simply open the four directions with a trail of smoke.
The smoke from the smudge stick may also be directed as an invocation honouring the four directions, (the father sun, the mother god).

When you have finished using your smudge stick EXTINGUISH your smudge stick completely, smother the end and examine closely to ensure the stick is completely out. Personally, I leave the smudge stick outside once I have finished smudging.

Your Stick may continue to burn if not completely extinguished.
Falling Embers can ignite soft furnishings.
Falling Embers can harm carpets
Smoke will be considerable Opening Windows may be required
Ensure you have something to smother or snuff the flame ready before you start.