Crystals for the Heart Chakra


Crystals for the  Heart Chakra, to compliment, stimulate, enhance, open and close the chakra. click on the images of the crystals, to see the complete range of items of that crystal type. 

Crystals for the Heart Chakra
Aventurine Malachite
Aventurine - The Most Common crystal for the Heart Chakra. A Balancer of Air and Water, heart and  mind. Promotes gentle release of the energies of the heart and flow from the upper and lower centres.
Malachite - Protective Love. Circles of love and protection, nurturing and rewarding. Also considered a stone good fortune and business. Excellent stone for those who give too much.
Chrysocolla - Opens the heart and promotes a flowing of energy, many see this as a catharthic crystal. Heals the hearts as the energy point releases its contents and accpets FLOW back into the body.

Other Crystals for the Heart Chakra - Emerald, Fluorite, Rose Quartz Note: Rose Quartz is typically assigned to "Higher Heart" Chakra and resembles spiritual love as opposed to earthly love. Also Note - Any stone that you are drawn too, should be the best for you. Trust your own higher self above all others.

  The heart chakra is the middle of the system and the balancer of all opposites in the system. The heart is located in the middle of the chest and represents our ability to love, unite, accept, understand and allow the different facets of our selves. The healthy chakra promotes deep love, compassion, peace. A healthy Heart Chakra will funnel love into a healing salve for all, including self, others, and the planet.

Chakra Sanskrit Name is Anahata -  Meaning, unstuck, Located -Heart
Element - Air, Colour - Greens

Functions - Love, Balance, Compassion, Acceptance,

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