Crystals for the Crown Chakra


Crystals for the Crown Chakra, to compliment, stimulate, enhance, open and close the chakra. click on the images of the crystals, to see the complete range of items of that crystal type. 

Crystals for the Crown Chakra
 Clear Quartz
Quartz and the Crown. Represents to purity of spirit in its clarity and impartiality. All possibilities are open to quartz. The nature of crystals growth too resembles crown as each individual crystal is part of collective, going in all directions seeking all possibilities, like the 1000 leaf lotus. Quartz teaches openness.
Amethyst and the crown. Like the quartz the growth nature of the crystal resembles the crowns open attributes, but in addition the colour of the amethyst carries the universal love and wisdom of the journeys of life. Guidance, peaceful and allowance are her gifts. Can be used to stimulate the crown chakra and bring calm to the whole being.
Danburite is a bridge crystal that sits on the edge of the crown chakra to the upper soul star chakra and extends into the causal. It can open and clear the chakra. It resembles the power for the lightning strike in cabalistic terms, and so can also be used clear blockages in any metaphysical area, and in to implant messages from the higher self.

Other Crystals for the Crown Chakra - Chalcopyrite, Rutliated Quartz, Spirit Quartz. Note: Any stone that you are drawn too, should be the best for you. Trust your own higher self above all others.

  The Crown chakra relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to the timeless and space less place of all-knowing. Once awakened this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection and the bliss of knowing.

A healthy Crown Chakra will manifest as the ability for individuals to be confident in their faith in a Higher Power, higher self, or in a force that is highly intelligent and creative.

Chakra Sanskrit Name is  Sahasrara -  Meaning, Thousandfold, Located Top of the head,
Element - Spirit, Colour - Violets

Functions - Understanding, wisdom, knowledge, spiritual connection. consciousness
Earthly Counter Balance - Root Chakra & Heart Chakra.

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