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The Human body is an energy generator; it radiates energy through mystical Chakra points on the Body. These radiating chakra energy points make up the Aura, through these energy points we attract and repel people and events into our life through a process known as radionics, or projection. Our lives are a reflection of what we think, believe, and take to be true. In this section we provide a Chakra Chart to the 7 main chakra points, an overview of their place and counter balances, and explanation to the Inner Flute. 


The Aura is a colour image projected from the emanations of several energy points on the body. Each energy point is Known as a Chakra a Hindu word meaning Spinning Wheel. Each Charka Spins in and out radiating a vibration of basic energy. The energy it radiates is governed by the place of the charka, and its ensuing function indicated on the chart. The actual projection of any one chakra will include the basic energy and how that energy is currently understood by the person owning that chakra, therefore it reveals what it holds, and signals its condition;
  • Positive or negative,
  • Understood or repressed,
  • Interactive or isolated. Etc.

Through this signalling, the chakras attract and repel people and events into our lives, depending on the lessons we need to learn to aid in the growth or expression of that energy centre.
Some Psychics known as sensitives, read these signals by feeling out the projections from the chakras and interpreting them into a useable language to achieve an understanding of the person and their situation. Healers also work on these points by feeling the condition of the chakra and its relationship to the other energy points, then using various forms of energy; Crystals, Oils, herbs, colour, sound, Reiki, or Chi adjust the chakra and chakra system to a more harmonious state.
Working with Chakras is an excellent method of attaining more understanding of the self it encourages one, to be more sensitive to them selves, and to take action in aiding the flow of energy throughout the whole of the energy system. Such sensitivity promotes good health, a positive mind, a cleaner emotional centre, a positive sense of self.
The Chart above indicates the chakra points and their position on the body, their colour vibration and relationship to the three forms of self. The Chart above also outlines their names, basic natures, and corresponding balancing chakra points.

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Chakras & Crystals - The chart below lists an outline of the 7 principle chakras and crystals that correspond.


* Crown Chakra - Thought, Universal identity - Click Image for more information


* Brow Chakra - Sight & Light, self-reflection- Click Image for more information


* Throat Chakra - Sound, Creativity, self-expression - Click Image for more information


* Heart Chakra - Air, Social identity, - Click Image for more information


* Solar Plexus Chakra - Fire, Ego identity, - Click Image for more information


* Naval Chakra - Water, Emotions, sensations, - Click Image for more information


* Root Chakra: - Earth, Physicality, self-preservation- Click Image for more information


* Earth Star Chakra - Magnetic Definition


The Earth star is our magnetic imprint upon this place. It is the reason, the program, the karmic imprint, the limit of boundaries, the lessons of this life. In astrological terms it is a physical imprint of the natal chart, our metaphysical definition printed around our feet. It is through this chakra that we connect to Earth Plane and are propelled into a life. It is the individual journey that each of us take. Our program may be altered but this can take a long time to achieve; Life a series of questions and challenges to the program, which are tested through the personality to strive beyond the program, to improve, to become, to better the self, to better the life, and to accept its place. It is the understanding of the value of our unique journey that stimulates this chakra, and it is our acceptance that sets the star free. The more value we can see, the more we are free. Greater acceptance of our part in the great play, increases our acceptance of others. The Light body is linked through this chakra point, which becomes free to walk in this life when our physical roles are accepted.

Crystals for the Earth Star

Crystals To Release Attachment : Petrified Wood, Petalite, Jet,
Crystals To Encourage Transformation: Obsidian, Jet, Amber, Petalite
Crystals To Encourage Acceptance: Petrified Wood, Bronzite, Petalite, Clear Quartz,
Light Body Crystals: Clear Quartz, Merkaba Stars, Dodecahedrons, Helidor,
Crystals to Encourage Magnetism: Galena, Biotite, Lodestone,


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The next two areas of knowledge are not often mentioned in Chakra books therefore we really wanted to include them, as we have found that many people do get stuck without little extra bit of information on the Chakra Counter balances, and Three forms of self.

Chakra Counter Balances

The Chart at the top of the page presents the Heart chakra as the Centre of the Chakra energy system. We represent this as so because of its nature, which is the same as the nature of Tao, the same as our spiritual path which is to Love in the unconditional sense, all of the self and world we create for ourselves; to create a harmony and balance between opposites, allowing, understanding, forgiving, accepting where required. Uniting and blending bringing all into a flow of harmony & oneness. The same drawing also indicates the balances above and below the heart. These balances represent the path of growth. One builds this growth not from the bottom of the charka tree, but from the middle out, from the heart outward so that growth opens like a flower from the heart. All energy points require the heart to survive, without it there can be no balance.

Solar Plexus & Throat

This makes the first point of growth a positive sense of self. A positive sense who we are (Solar Plexus) balanced with a positive self expression of the self (throat). Building a positive sense of self is the first goal, before delving into the lower self or higher self. Learning to accept who we are, for what we are. There can be no growth before one accepts themselves, and takes a positive view of who they are.

Naval & Brow

The Naval, our emotional and sensational centre is balanced by the Brow. This balance is built on the first goal being achieved. The navel is full of current sensations and emotions as well as the deposit of all previous emotions and sensations; the build up those feelings relates to our subconscious mind, hence its association with the brow chakra. The Naval only feels, it can not think. Feelings need to be balanced by rational which is the domain of the Brow, therefore the link between the two allows one to see, and to personify their feelings. Working with the Heart chakra the two can be balanced. To attempt to delve higher or lower before attaining a positive sense of self can lead people to delusions of grandeur, or feelings of paranoia. The subconscious mind contains all of our experiences, hopes and dreams, fears and doubts, with out the light of self it�s a dark place.

Root & Crown 

Are the final areas. These are purely diametrically opposed for one contains the ideal of perfection, and the other contains the animal of being human and the necessity of survival. This does not mean that the human animal is negative, certainly not, it only means that the animal needs to be enlightened too. The animal in us again does not have higher brain functions, and wont surrender it�s self unless coxed to do so gently by the heart and the building of the previous realms.

Three forms of self

Fig 1 in the Chart above, divides the charkas into forms of the self.

Lower Self is governed by the Solar plexus, the ego, and acts on earthly will, for the sake of sensation and survival. Largely reactive, and acting upon the programming of the subconscious mind, locked into reoccurring patterns of behaviour.
Self is also governed by the Solar plexus, the ego; however it also includes a love for the self and positive self expression. Largely innovative, creative, and lives for self expression, Spontaneous and energetic.
Higher self is governed by the Crown; it has vision knowledge, thoughts and expression.
Acts for the good of all, has no sense of individual self only considers the whole self. Its idealistic, patient, understanding, allowing, and loving to all aspects of the self.

The Inner Flute

The Inner flute is a mystical channel that connects all chakra points in a straight line. The channel works in both directions. This channel is used for drawing energy in, or to expel energy. It�s the same channel associated with the raising of Kundalini and the central nervous system. Energy can be drawn in, by means breathing through the crown and down to the feet. Energy can not be expelled through the root; energy can only be expelled through the crown. This means that what ever is expelled travels through the heart and brow, so that it can be seen, understood, and changed. The same channel is used in Tantra, Yoga, and magical practice. It is our own personal inner wand or magical staff.

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