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at ShamansCrystal? This page now lists our latest arrivals, upto 108 only, so be sure to try our "Search function" above, if you can't see what your looking for.  Note: this area only lists new items,  and not items previously "out of stock". .

Whats In and New! - 23/08/21

Whats New;

Gemstone Angels, Shungite Merkabas, Lemurian Seed Crystals, Vogel Wands, Quartz Pyramids, Libyan Gold,  Elite Nobel Shungite, Golden Topaz, Diopside, Rhodochrosite Free Forms, Lodestone in Matrix and more crystal skulls

Whats In and New! - 09/07/21

New & Back In Stock! Copper Pyramids, Amethyst & Celestite Clusters, Malachite Forms, Large Pink Kunzite, and more..