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at ShamansCrystal? This page now lists our latest arrivals, upto 108 only, so be sure to try our "Search function" above, if you can't see what your looking for.  Note: this area only lists new items,  and not items previously "out of stock". .

Black November - 21/11/20

Sale - Through November you can get 15% off every order regardless of value with our Black Friday Voucher code, "black15". 

New items -  despite the challenges to the supply chain, we have been able to get many new stocks in ready Christmas with more items being added until early December. New Items so far include;  Aquamarine Crystals, Tourmalines Rods and Slices, Polished lemurian Crystals, Polished Natural Citrine Points, 100s of new pendants too in Lapis, Kunzite, Aquamarine and more.  Smithsonite, Shungite, Tanzantite, Emeralds Rubies etc.. Take a look below

Covid 19 Business as usual - 21/11/20

We are Open for business as normal through this period. Please be aware, postal delivery services can be slower in some areas, due to the pandemic. Stay Safe