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Moldavite is one of the rarest crystals on the planet. Rarer than Diamonds but is not classified as a Gem therefore it fails to get the same kudos and material value. It is expensive, retailing around £10 per gram and more for jewellery pieces. Moldavite crystals do not have pin pointed origin either. There are known deposits in the Czech Republic and the surrounding area, yet other locations make claims to having deposits 

Why is Moldavite so rare? Moldavite_Crystal
Its origin is still under discussion, thought by many to be purely extraterrestrial; a meteorite that has fallen to earth because of its chemical composition, yet others state the mineral is the result of fusion between a meteorite and the earth upon impact to specific earthbound mineral deposits, either way the mineral is at least partly due to extraterrestrial origin.

Crystal Meaning
The Grail Stone, a stone that speeds up and enhances spiritual transformation. It helps to balance the chakras and transmutes negative energy. It assists balancing the body and regulates the heart.

Physical Properties
Moladvite_MeteoriteApproximately 20 million years ago a meteorite shower fell on the Moldau Valley in Czechoslovakia, the result moldavite. One of the rarest of crystals (even rarer than diamonds or emeralds) with a unique transparent green colour and a translucent hue. A Tektite and still not properly understood. They are silica rich objects with no crystal structure (similar to obsidian but not formed by the volcanic process). There are two theories to their origin. Some believe them to be meteorites however their chemical composition and distribution have led other scientists to believe they are not of extra terrestrial origin. But it is more generally believed to be due to terrestrial rocks melting as a result of a meteorite impact. The diversity of tektites could be due to unique meteorites hitting unique terrestrial rocks with the combinations producing certain effects. So therefore tektites combine extraterrestrial and terrestrial properties. Group METEORITE, Composition Mainly SiO2, Hardness 5.0, Crystal structure AMORPHOUS.