Merlinite - Dendritic Opal

Merlinite - Dendritic Opal

Dendritic Opal

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Merlinite - a stone of magic, said to blend heavenly and earthly vibrations, allowing one harness the energy from multiple realms. A Journey stone in the shamanic sense which draws from the elementals. It promotes better contact with our environment and with our fellow human beings too. Merlinite can also enhance our organizational capabilities.

Merlinite has been used in the treatment of skeletal structures and disorders


of the veins and arteries. It is also said to promote physical growth and to facilitate the flow of blood through the body. It is a cleansing mineral for the body and one which can enhance lymph flow and excretion. It also helps with both the effects of colds and the effects of smoking too.

Physical - Some confusion surrounds the name of this stone. Merlinite is actually a common modern name, and not a mineral type, the stones make up is a mix of agates, dendrite and, or opalised  agate depending on the quality of the mineral.  You can call the stone Dendritic Opal if the stone as a glassy (opal like appearance) and dendritic (moss like / tree like patterns)  as our two examples here have, if the stone is more solid in appearance then stone is Dendritic Agate. Neither are true OPALs!