A-Z of Crystals

Libyan Gold

Libyan Gold Tektite

LibyanGoldTektiteLibyan Gold Tektite is a rare translucent golden gemstone, a unique version of fusion quartz; from a period in time some 26-29 million years ago. This rare golden crystal comes from an area that borders the Libyan / Egyptian Border, therefore its not surprising that the gemstone has been used in the ceremonial jewellery worn by the ancient Egyptians. This gemstone is Also known as "Libyan dessert glass"

Metaphysical FeelingThe energy of these crystals is distinctive and immediately noticeable to the sensitive crystal user. The feel of this energy is similar to fulgurites, only much more intense. A cleansing seems to take place, and there is a lifting in the vision, like you're about to see for the first time, or coming out a cave. Also there is a freedom to this feeling. It intensifies divine will, and brings forth actions.