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Jasper - Red

Red Jasper

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Red Jasper Crystal Meaning

The energy of this stone is akin to taking a slow deep breath, on a bright sunny warm morning, filling the user with a positive outlook, oxygenating the blood, and energising body. It's the most assigned stone to the root chakra and for good reason; red Jasper is all about vitality, exuberance & physical well being. This stone vitalises the body, the blood and expands the energy system with creative energy inspiring new beginnings, stimulating the intellect with positive entrepreneurial ideas. The stone is assigned to Aries in most reference charts, and to the Emperor in tarot charts, both linked to the use of benevolent power, new beginnings, creative flair, and the active use of artistic abilities.
Magical use: Initiation, Physical vitality, Physical Protection. Courage, Will power.
Healing uses: Blood, Nervous system, ears, neck,
Deities: Kush, Ra, Horus, Aries, Mars,
Red Jasper Physical Properties
Quartz (SiO2) is the most abundant single mineral on earth. It makes up about 12% of the earth's crust, occurring in a wide variety of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Jasper is a massive, fine-grained, opaque variety of chalcedony. It occurs in many colours brown, grey-blue, red, yellow jasper, green bloodstone and combinations of these. Group OXIDES, Composition SiO2, Hardness 7.0, Crystal structure TRIGONAL.