Nephrite Jade

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Jade Crystal Meaning
Jade is as magical as it is healing. Thought in the orient to protect one from evil spirits, a travel guardian, cleanser of the environment as well as the wear, it's also stated to be one the lucky stones. Linked to Isis and Empress in Tarot the crystal is also said to encourage the development of magical wisdom; the knowledge of the magical process and aids in the practice of it. Jade can be used as a magical ward or amulet. To cut and cleanse auric archs, as wand it provides a natural burst of energy.

Jade Magical use: Ward, Cleansing, Protection, Wealth, Health, wisdom, Justice,
Jade Healing use: heart, kidneys, immune system, blood cleaning, Eyes,

General Note
Jade is a generic term that means Green Stone, and this is basis for many to mis sell the mineral. All kinds of Green stones are sold as Jade, often without the retailer being aware. The most common mis sell is New Jade, which is actually Serpentine, and a much cheaper mineral, another mis sell is Soap Stone, many carved gifts from the Orient are Soap Stone sold to westerners as Jade. Just as in Egypt where many gift items are sold as being carved from Basalt Stone, when they are actually cast resin.

Real Jade (as commonly understood) comes in one of two mineral types only Jadeite (Sodium Aluminum Silicate) or Nephrite (Calcium Magnesium Iron Silicate). Tremolite is also Nephrite, only less compacted. The Jadeite variety is the rarer of the two. Jade comes in many colours, not just the green, but also blue, yellow, and black.