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Iolite – Perception, travel, insight and release.

Iolite, usually a violet stone and most often found in the Middle East corresponds to the third eye chakra, the inner flute to the connection with the crown chakra. This area of influence affects the visions and vision quests of the mystic. It allows the mystic to see and to travel.

Particularly good for sleep work, moon work, and releasing the animal spirit within. Its influence also covers the back of the neck and higher parts of the shoulders.  The stone is associated to the raising of the serpent within and the serpents visions, it also assists the serpent to shed the skin and release to become the hawk. For those that are not following, all of the above is relative to the higher aspect of kundalini raising, where the kundilini (serpent power) springs fourth and flies free. For all of the reasons above there is an underlying connection to the subtle bodies becoming better connected, certainly a primary focus on the etheric body.