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Abalone Shell Medium 10-12cm

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Abalone Shell Medium Suitable for Smudge sticks or Crystals for display. Size: 10-12cm wide,

7-8cm across and 3cm deep.

The Smudge stick pictured is our "mini smudge stick" and is not included with this item. Shown for scale. 

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House Clearing Kit

House Clearing Kit
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Everything You Need for House Clearing and House Warming. Begin with creating a Cleared Space large enough to sit and meditate in, place the Selenite Crystals in a Circle with the Cleansing Candle in the middle. Light the Candle leave for a while, allowing the candle and crystals to clear that area. After a time, light the Smudge stick and use it in circular motions around Cleansing area for another level of clearing.  Then move the Candle and Sit within the Circle. Use the energy in the circle to cleanse your self and focus your mind on you, being cleared, clean and light. When ready your can leave the circle with a clean and clear intention to clear the home. Carry the Burning Smudge and shell with you. Move intuitively through the area using the smudge as you go. its a good idea to start in the center and work outwards. At every door and window make an effort to trace the door or window outline with the smudge stick.  Once you have completed the home, return to the Crystal Circle and reaffirm your clearing intention. Finally, lite the House Warming Candle and place it in the circle. You can leave the candle there, as long as you like. Take care on the way, for Burning Embers from the Smudge, ensure you use the shell under the smudge at all times. Open windows where possible and be mindful of any smoke alarms. Do not leave Smudge or candles a lite, around small children or animals. 
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