A-Z of Crystals

How to Use Your Crystals    

Hello, lets start by saying there are no real rules. How you practice with your crystals is as much a reflection of you as the gems you choose, or are drawn to.

Practice with crystals can be as complicated as the mind can conceive or as simple as one feels to act.  I’d suggest starting as simple as can be and let your intuition be your guide.  

Here are typical methods:  

Passive interaction

Simply, have and hold your selected gem, carry it with you with as long as you feel you need to.  Let your intuition be your guide on the selection and how long the crystal is with you.  

  • Keep in your pocket or on your person.
  • Place by your bed
  • Wear as jewellery
  • Place in a sacred space

Explanation using the theories of metaphysics. Your being is an electromagnetic generator, exerting its own energy signature, via a bio electrical field, which presents as the aura and your thermo body heat output. That energy field is being subtly influenced by the crystal you select via the processes of refraction and reflection, which can act to modify your energy field either internally or externally. Enhancing the connection of energy interaction within yourself, or as you interact with the world around. To use this method simply select a gem by what ever means seems suited to you, by suggestion of friend, perhaps based on a Zodiac Star Sign, Chakra, Healing Use, Magical Use, or let our Oracle direct you. 

Trust your intuition and go! 
Reflect, reappraise on your choice, whenever the moment seems right.

Its totally normal to work with many crystals, either at once or over a short period of time. If you are new to crystals, then perhaps just one at a time.  

Active Interaction  

  • Meditation
  • Healing Modalities
  • Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga
  • Magical Practice

The same explanations as above are employed, but the main added factors here are the barrier of the conscious mind, or the focusing of the conscious mind. To keep this as simple as possible, I'll address these briefly and individually.

Barriers of the Conscious Mind 

Big subject, one aspect of the active mind, is that it can’t hear the universe, let alone its own emotional of physical needs. Our conscious mind has tunnel vision, it has a particular focus and is task/problem oriented, whereas our subconscious is a store of all we are experiencing and it is a gateway to our greater being, the environment its self and beyond. The more we interact with crystals and the universe with the active mind quiet, the more we become aware of and the greater our energy change can be. 

Focused Mind – Intention 

A Crystal has no conscious mind in the human sense, its simply an energy ball, defined by its elements and how those elements react to the energies it comes into contact with. Its only purpose within its self is “to be”. Something we can all be reminded of I'm sure. However that energy ball can be directed either by the passive methods above, using the subtle energies of our own energy field, or perhaps even stronger, with an active intention working with your passive energy field, making that of course, an active energy field focused to a given purpose!

Now the merits of this approach can get somewhat philosophical, but I'm not sure that matters, as I'll redirect you to the above “How you practice with your crystals is as much a reflection of you as the gems you choose”. 

But it is the possibly the more popular approach by practitioners.  

If these are options are for you, then I wont attempt to educate you on any Particular Healing Modalities, Magical practice, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga here. I'll simply state that crystals and gems are often included into the lifestyles and practices of these interests.    

I will however, comment on meditation processes briefly.   

Simple Meditations with Crystals

Using Crystals

Meditations are wonderful methods of increasing our self-awareness and mindfulness.

Regardless of your preferred meditation practice, crystals can be a great addition, to assist in improving the ability to gain mental clarity, encouraging a climate of safety, love, acceptance, compassion and even emptiness if you going for the zero point moment of pure transcendence.

In addition, if you’re going for that zero point, that’s the perfect point, to insert your crystal into the meditation to achieve your intention, with a mind as quiet as that, it’s the ultimate place to insert energetic intention, with nothing left to hold it back and the universe to fuel it! 

Simply select a crystal, that suits your given need and hold that gem as you see fit, whilst performing your favorite meditation.

That's the simplest method to begin with.

More Methods of Meditating with Crystals

Of course, just as I stated at the top, "How you practice with your crystals is as much a reflection of you as the gems you choose, or are drawn to", meditating with crystals can get more detailed and many have developed their own methods. I'll share some of my own shortly to serve as guide for your own discoveries.

Happy Journey



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