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Gemstone Birthstones for Gemini


The two main birthstones for Gemini, click the crystals to discover the full product range and learn more about Gemini below.

 Pink Botswana AgateBlue Lace Agate
 Botswanna_Agate  Agate_Blue_Lace

Pink Agate - Brings kindness and joy to the Gemini, whilst concentrating the mind on practical matters. This stone encourages growth and friendships.

Blue Lace Agate - Represents the signs duality and communication, both active and passive communication. The stone brings tact, patience and grace.


Symbol: The Twins, Element: Air 

Ruling Planet: Mercury - CommunicationTarot card: The Lovers - Choices 

Time of Gemini: The Seed Springs Forth, Roots and Sprout, Duality, Growing in many directions, Choices, Youth, Connections earth to air.

Gemini's are usually quick-witted and expressive, like Virgos they are ruled by Mercury which means they care greatly about communication and the quality of it. As an Air sign, they are blessed with the ability to entertain many perspectives, and strive to learn and talk with others. To other signs, they can come across as social butterflies, though fickle at times and due to their symbol, the Twins, they can appear to have two different personalities with a tendency to become quite serious, thoughtful and pensive. As a result, they always keep you on your toes and always have something interesting to say.

Often, Gemini's can be youthful and energetic, and retain an inquisitive nature through their life, making them excellent students and teachers, enjoying travelling to gather new information and experiences. They need excitement, variety and passion to shine whether through work, love, or life in general.

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