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Crystal Meaning - Garnet known as the day dreamer, is said to enhance creativity and understanding, they are also said to strengthen willpower and increase self-esteem and popularity. Extracts negative energies from the chakras and transmutes them into useful energies.
Magical Use- Balancing the sex drive and emotional disharmony, love, compassion, creativity, healing/health, protection.
Healing Use- Blood stream purifier, heart and lung diseases and infectious disease.
Physical Properties -The garnets are a group of mineral species all having essentially the same isometric crystal structure but varying in chemical composition and in many of their physical properties. There are six species of common garnets based on ideal end-member chemical compositions. Garnet is allochromatic, meaning that most of the colour variations in different garnets are due to their highly variable trace element impurities rather than to their bulk composition elements. The colour we see in garnets is produced when light is selectively absorbed by these ions or by interactions between these ions (intervalent charge transfers).