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Crystal Meaning The Seer, diopside brings emotional stability, peace of mind, an all round healer it engenders progress, prosperity and well-being.

Magical Use: Further spiritual attunement, heals the earth, eliminates oppressive feelings, raise one's consciousness, balances yin yang energies, calming energy.

Healing Use: Cardiovascular system, nervous system, ulcers, nervous stomach, heart trouble and variable blood pressure.

Physical Characteristics - Diopside forms prismatic crystals, often with rhomboid terminations. It may also occur as crystalline aggregates, or in a massive habit. The colour is a striking emerald to deep bluish green, and the streak is pale greenish blue. It has a vitreous lustre and dioptase is transparent to translucent. Occurs where copper veins have been altered by oxidation, and in hollows and cavities in the surrounding rocks.
Group SILICATES, Composition CuSiO2 (OH)2, Hardness 5, Crystal structure TRIGONAL.