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Rose Quartz Merkaba Pendant

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Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Pendant Mounted in 925 Silver, Size 25mm, Sold Singly

The Merkaba is 2 Pyramids inserted over each over which has a few mystical references,

One Pyramid facing upward equals the element of Air (thought) the other pyramid facing down equals the element of Water (emotion). Inserted together equals thought balance with emotion. As a 3 dimensional shape it equals manifestation, meaning that the balance is actual. The same attributes are given to the Star of David, one of the seals of Solomon.

Metaphysical Description
The Love Stone strokes the heart into forgiveness and compassion by helping you to let go of stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy. Eases sexual and emotional imbalance. Learn how to love yourself with this stone.

Magical Use
Balance emotions, self-esteem, self-confidence, compassion, peace, patience, forgiveness, enhance capacity to love others and you?re self.

Healing Use
Spleen, kidneys, circulatory system, increases fertility, promotes the release of impurities, genitals, skin, depression and weight lose.