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Amethyst Eye of Horus Pendant SP

Price in points: 150 points
Reward points: 10 points
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Silver Plated - Amethyst Eye of Horus Pendant, size 4cm tall x 3.7cm wide. Comes with Pouch. 

Eye of Horus - Health Strength & Protection
Horus the Sun God, son of the slain Osiris avenged his fathers death in an epic battle of light over darkness. Although Horus emerged victorious he lost his eye in the process. That eye became an amulet that reminds evil of the battle and warns off such influences where ever the eye is present. The arch enemies of Horus dispatched, the reason for being for Horus was also  destroyed, Imagine all that power and no where to focus it. Horus then turned to healing the wounds of the battle and in due course regenerated his eye. This is why the amulet serves as both protection and healing and carries a message - when battles are over, we must attend to healing ourselves and finding peace.  

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