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Natural Black Tourmaline Pendant

Price in points: 210 points
Reward points: 14 points
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Sold Singly, Natural Black Tourmaline Pendants around 2-3cms tall, by 1cm wide. Sizes do vary

These are pictured as three, to give an idea, of the variance of each pendant, however they are sold singly. The price is for 1. Sizes and Shapes do vary. Each pendant is made from a natural Black Tourmaline formation, Top drilled and mounted with a sterling silver bail. 

Metaphysical Description
The Wall. One of the most protective of crystals. It centres and grounds energy, whilst forming a protective barrier shielding one against all forms of subtle negative energy. Inside the user it promotes a very decisive energy which acts fast, dispelling illusions and provoking immediate action. Outside the user it reflects energy back to the point of origin. It closes auric leaks and hides weaknesses. In magic use its an excellent ward.

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