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Crystal Chip Bracelets

Gem Stone Crystal Chip Bracelets. All of our chip bracelets are 18-19cm in length and the chips are secured by a elastic type thread. They cannot be smaller than 18cms, but can expand up to 26cm in length.
Polished Black Tourmaline Crystal Chip Bracelet
Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet. Polished Rose Quartz Chips make up the Bracelet.
Polished Rainbow Hematite Chip Bracelet
Citrine Crystal Chip Bracelet.
Chakra Bracelet, Polished Crystal Chips make up this Bracelet
Polished Ametrine  Crystal Chip Bracelet
Polished Tigers Eye Crystal Chip Bracelet
Opalite Chip Bracelets
Polished Blue Lace Agate Chips as a Bracelet
Carnelian Chip Bracelet. Polished Carnelian chips fashioned into a bracelet
Polshed Dark Amethyst Crystal Chip Bracelet
Green Aventurine Crystal Chip Bracelet.