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Beaded Crystal Bracelets

A Mixed Range of Beaded Crystal Bracelets. All of our  bracelets are 18-19cm in length and the chips are secured by a elastic type thread. They cannot be smaller than 18cms, but can expand up to 26cm in length.

Green and Purple fluorite round beaded bracelets, bead size 0.7cm
Rose Quartz Tumble Stone Bracelet, on card, stones are 1-1.5cm
Opalite Tumble Stone Bracelets, Each stone is 1-1.5cm
Angelite 4mm Beaded Bracelet
Red Garnet 4mm Beaded Bracelet,
Beaded Tigers Eye Bracelet. Square Tablets beads make up this Bracelet
Save 11%
Beaded Rose Quartz Bracelet. One Large Rose Quartz dominates the bracelet surrounded by small Rose Quartz...
£8.99 £7.99
Moonstone Power Bracelet, beads of Moonstone in the Power Style
Polished Black Tourmaline Crystal 8mm Round Bead Bracelet
Carnelian Baroque Bead Bracelet, Sold Singly. Bead Size 1cm x 1.2cm. Colour Dark Orange
Beaded 8mm Bead Hematite Bracelet. Sold Singly. 
Labradorite Crystal Power Bracelet