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The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual by Michael Gienger

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HEALING CRYSTAL FIRST AID MANUAL - A Practical A-Z of Common Ailments and illnesses and how they can be best treated with crystal therapy

By Michael Gienger

THE HEALING CRYSTAL FIRST AID MANUAL is an easy-to-use A-Z guide for treating many common ailments and illnesses with the help of crystal therapy.

It includes a comprehensive colour appendix with photographs and short descriptions of each gemstone that is recommended.

Based upon the many years of research by the author and his practical experience of crystal therapy it provides help and useful advice for the use of healing crystals in your own home. Not only does it give exact advice on how to use the crystals it also depicts clearly what the illness is about and which psychological backgrounds might be the cause of it. So whilst in no way is the book intended as a substitute for your Doctor or alternative practitioner the book serves as a complement to their skills and many will find it just as indispensable.

The book goes far beyond a simple healing book as it is a real self-help book for many common diseases and discomforts. We learn which stone to use how to use it exactly in which form (eg. necklace polished stone etc.) and on what part of the body and for how long.

Paper Back - 317 pages.