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Gemstone Reflexology by Nora Kircher

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Combining the healing energy of crystals and reflexology therapy GEMSTOME REFEXOLOGY offers an holistic approach to triggering the body's self-healing energies to deal with a large number of mental and physical disorders ranging from heartache to heart disease.

The treatment is based on using eight gemstone wands - agate amethyst fluorite heliotrope rock crystal rose quartz rutilated quartz and sodalite -

that allow users to direct the healing power of the crystals to activate designated pressure points. Every gemstone has specific healing properties. When crafted into wands these gems enable the patient to apply the perfect amount of pressure on the appropriate acupressure point combining into a powerful healing force the energies of the crystal with those released by the pressure on the reflexology point. Readers are provided with a system of kinetic analysis to determine the appropriate stone and pressure point for their specific condition. Sodalite for example has a beneficial effect on mental health which is increased when applied to the pressure points corresponding to the head; agate helps in the treatment of skin disorders; and amethyst restores vigor.

The book contains illustrated instructions that show the treatment areas for a wide range of conditions including earaches headaches and migraines back and joint pain colds and flu low blood pressure intestinal cramps cardiovascular disease and depression

ISBN: 9781594771217. Paper Back, 112pages.