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Gemstone Birthstones for Capricorn


The two main birthstones for Capricorn, click the crystals to discover the full product range and learn more about Capricorn below.

Black Onyx - Represents the depth of the sign, the darkest part of the year and the time of Capricorn. Onyx is generous, peaceful, kind and practical. This stone keeps the Capricorn grounded.  Garnet - Represent the spirit of the sign, insightful and knowing, generous and fun loving. This crystal helps with creativity, resourcefulness, strength and wealth and health of the sign.

Symbol: The Goat, Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn, Tarot card: The Devil

Time of Capricorn: Depth of winter knowing only needs, the desires for more builds, fuelled with the needs of now. Instinctive intelligence, practical wisdom.

Typical Capricorns are self-confident, strong willed and calm, often hard-working, unemotional, practical, responsible, persevering, cautious and capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal they have set.

The planet Saturn rules Capricorn and its image is very conservative and not a lot of fun in astrological circles which is why Capricorn’s are associated with stiffness, stuffiness, rigidity and with a reputation for coldness, materialism and perfectionism. A powerful need to be in control and consequently the need to control others, as to ensure the vision of the perfect world where nothing out of control ever happens. But since we all know that "life" happens to the best of our intentions it’s the Capricorn who can suffer the most because of their stiffer expectations. The answer is to simply learn the ways of the willow tree and bend with the breeze rather being the old oak that will try to survive all storms while it’s branches keep breaking off.

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