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Calcite - Honey

Optical Honey Calcite

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Honey Calcite Crystal Meaning 
Calcite is a joy stone, and is used in conjunction with the solar plexus. It can be used to radiate a room, or as a collector of positive self image for use in mediation. The concept here is that one, daily or regularly fills the crystal with positive thoughts of the self, and uses the crystal as a battery of positive energy for when it is needed. Each crystal is attuned to a kind of thought, mood, or purpose.

Honey Calcite Physical Properties
Calcite is common throughout the world, and it is the main component in limestones and marbles, and most stalactites and stalagmites. Twinning is common, it can also be found as transparent, large, colourless crystals. Colour varieties are white, colourless, grey, orange, red, blue, green and black, with a white to grey streak.  Group CARBONATES, Composition CaCO3, Hardness 3.0, Crystal structure TRIGONAL