Boji Stones or Pop Rocks

Boji Stones or Pop Rocks

Boji Stones

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Pop Rocks and Boji Stones are exactly the same stones, the only difference is literally "Branding". Boji branded stones come with a certificate and pop rocks don't, so apart from the Brand name and Certificate, there is no difference at all. Both are used to balance the flow of male and female energy in the body. The come as a pair a spiky one, and a smoother one. The spiky stone is male and is placed one hand, the smooth stone is female and is placed


 in the other hand. The stones are used together. They can be used in meditation or held whilst receiving healing of almost any kind. Many crystal healers, reiki healers, and spiritual healers like to use these stones, as they are especially good when used with people who feel they are blocked, of suffer from lethargy. The stones stimulate the flow of energy around the user.  Some feel that the stones balance the electromagnetic currents in the body, aiding the meridian channels as well as the chakra energy points.

There are two sources of this type of stone available both are the same mineral, and are from the same geographical region, they just have two names and different prices.