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Gemstone Birthstones for Aries


 The two main birthstones for Aries, click the crystals to discover the full product range and learn more about Aries below.

 Red Jasper Bloodstone
Red Jasper - Represents the cardinal aspect of the sign of Aries, strength, fire, regal, power and creation, a perfect complement.
Bloodstone - Represents for the power of life, the red bursting through the green. New life, creation and beginning tasks anew. Business success stone.

Symbol: The Ram, ElementFire

Ruling Planet: Mars - ActionTarot Card: The Emperor - Power

Time of Aries: Spring time, Initiation, Beginning, Creation, Sowing the seed

Often energetic, dynamic and action driven, those born under Aries can be found looking to compete in everything - from sports, social gatherings, work and more. Their fierce and lively nature is thanks to its ruling planet Mars, as with other Fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius), they can be prone to impulsive behaviour without thinking at times but can always be counted to take action and risks in a pinch.

They often possess great vitality and can come across as charming an unstoppable regardless of their age. The symbol, the Ram comes from the Greek story of the Golden Fleece and they are always ready to play hero of the day and chase glory. Due to their nature, Aries are often sociable, popular and make friends easily with others, just be sure not to estrange them by trying to out-compete them!

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