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Gemstone Birthstones for Aquarius


The two main birthstones for Aquarius, click the crystals to discover the full product range and learn more about Aquarius below.

 Quartz Crystal Amethyst
Rock_Quartz_Crystal_Cluster Amethyst_Crystal
 Quartz - Represents the unlimited potential of the Aquarian spirit and outlook. Eternally optimistic, and all encompassing. If ever an Aquarian feels a lack of their qualities then this crystal will restore your natural positive outlook. Amethyst - Connects the Aquarian to the wisdom that drives them. Their limitless vision comes from a higher place and the Aquarian can lack the ability to implement their ideas. Amethyst for this sign helps to nurture insight and guide it into reality.


Symbol: The Water Bearer, Element: Air

Ruling planet: Uranus - The FoolTarot Card: The Star - Destiny

Time of Aquarius: Fresh air of the New Year, the Promise of Renewed Life, Unity and Completion of the cycle, Faith.

Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius is unmatched in their innovative abilities, and are usually very progressive and rebellious characters with a strong humanitarian streak. They have an appreciation for teamwork, collaboration and believe strongly in the concept of 'the greater good'. Aquarians often strive to make a positive impact in the world, to leave a deep impression and make a difference with their intellect.

Ruled by Uranus, which governs innovation, technology, and surprising events, Aquarians are big thinkers and aren't reputed for their attentiveness in day to day matters, or being in the present moment. It is important for Aquarians to come back down to Earth to truly connect with others as they can be emotionally distant and dismissive, and to oversee the fine details to fully realise their big plans. To Aquarians, they are so busy trying to get on with their plans, that small talk, casual gossip and even maintaining relationships may not be intellectually stimulating enough, and are more than comfortable with the company of their own thoughts, as they have a preference for autonomy and independence.

Don't rely on an Aquarian for deep, emotional connection as they prefer to be distant, guarded and may see attempts to emotionally connect with them as intrusive. Instead look to them for precise objectivity, remain unbiased and to shake things up.

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