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The Metaphysical Spiritual Meaning and healing properties of Aegerine

Metaphysical Properties- Quest of self. It is an excellent self-esteem builder-especially for women! The need for conformity is broken into a sense of self-acceptance. Personal integrity and convictions are made solid. Excellent stone for positive energy for dispersion; stimulate growth and revitalisation. Delineates emotional trouble spots. Guards against negative energy & psychic attack. It increases the energy of other stones in any healing situation. It augments the immune system. Its a good stone when things start to feel like they're too much and you're feeling disheartened - when you feel powerless or scared.

Geological Properties- A sodium iron silicate. The crystals are very prismatic in appearance and occur in dark green, brown and nearly black coloration.  The main suppliers for this unusual mineral are Norway and Arkansas, USA

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