A-Z of Crystals

Some customers have reported being stuck in the checkout process,

with either Spinning wheel of Paypal, or a spinning wheel at Worldpay preventing them from proceeding.

If you experience this, then please "Sign in"

You can Sign in, via the MY Account, tab at the top of every page.

Explanation - The shop system wants to collate your orders under a single email address, so that every customer can find their orders in one place. So it tests the email you put in the 'checkout", to see if it exists in out data base or not. If the shop finds that email it provide a red warning in the top right corner, to alert you, to sign in.

Not everyone seems to notice the red notice.

Further more the darken over lay of the PayPal interface, can obscure the message to Sign in.

If this  solution, does not work for you, then please either use a different email address, or contact us so we can help you directly.