Citrine Cluster on Stand No4x

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One off - Citrine Cluster mounted on stand, 22cm tall tip to toe, 4.29 kilos

One off - You Get the one you see here

Super Citrine Specimen display piece, Vibrant and colourful, good size and good formation. Over Sizes are, 22cm tall x 19cm x 10cm - on the stand. The actual Crystal is, 20cm tall x 19cm wide x 7cm deep. The stand is made of wood, and comes with the crystal as shown. The stand is loosely connected to the crystal, firm enough, but can be taken apart if you wish.

Clusters make for good display items and also as a cleansing crystal, cleansing both environment and other crystals around it.  A Cluster, is a group of crystals clustered together, these are also known as "druse". Origin - Brazil.  Citrine is used for Joy, Abundance, Positive Energy and Cleansing. 

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