Large Agate Geode Slice #20

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One off - Large Agate Geode Crystal on stand, 38cm tall tip to toe. 3.38 kilos

Colour - Natural Browns, no enhancements. Size off the stand is 33cm x 17cm x 4cm.

Mounted slice off a large Agate Geode, Great Display item, The slice is natural in shape and colour yet polished in both sides, One side is flat, the other has curves. In the middle the crystal is drusy, this mean there are quartz crystals within the surface of the center piece. The crystal can be removed from the stand easily if you wish. Origin - Brazilian.

One off item you get the one you see here.  

A Geode is a self contained cave of crystals, in this case Agate crystals. The geode is formed from a spewed gas ball propelled from volcano which has then cooled and formed a hard outer coating. The centre can be partly hollow and will house many crystals that formed from the minerals and gas.

Geodes are then carved open and the inside is always a surprise and every one is of course unique. All ways present is an Agate /chalcedony crusts, and agate  or quartz in the middle.

Of course there is only one, so you receive the one you see.

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