Amethyst Cluster with Calcite Star L3

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One off - Amethyst Cluster with Calcite Star, cut and flat base

This is my ab fab piece. Firstly the crystal has a cut and flat base, so it stands by its self. Next, well just how could mother nature have arranged such a piece better. The amethyst which is excellent colour and grade is actually covered in a thin layer of calcite which slightly changes the appearance of the colour of the face of the crystal to this magical lilac, in the centre is a stunning calcite star formation. Some of you may wonder at my zeal here, but you see, calcite is mostly seen as a Sedimentary crystal, it rarely crystalises to a point, let alone to a formation like this.

One off - You get the one you see here.

Size - 3.7 Kilos. 18cm tall, 19cm wide 9cm deep.

Origin - Brazil.