How to use Guide, Pendulum Dowsing Instructions

Pendulum Dowsing Instructions, how to a dowsing pendulum for divination

How to use a Pendulum

Once you have mastered the use of your pendulum you will have a tool that links your conscious mind to your subconscious mind allowing you make decisions which may assist and guide you through the pathways of life. As with all new tools you must spend some time to learn how to use it properly, follow these steps.........



  • 1/ Draw a 5 inch line on a sheet of paper.
  • 2/ Suspend your pendulum over the line on concentrate on your pendulum, willing it to move along the line. Persevere if it doesn’t work first time, stay focused and relaxed.
  • 3/ once you have completed the step, Draw circle on a piece of paper about 10 cm’s in diameter. Again, using your mind will the pendulum to move round the circle first clock wise then, will it to move anti-clock wise.
  • 4/ You are now ready to “Program” your pendulum. Whilst willing your pendulum to rotate clockwise tell your subconscious mind that this movement means “yes”, or positive. Repeat with an Anti-clock wise movement and tell your subconscious mind that this means “No” or Negative.

You are now ready to use your Pendulum

Use of the following guidelines will ensure you optimise results.
  • 1/ you must be in a relaxed state, with an open mind to use the pendulum. Keep you mind clear of any emotions any could give rise. You should always be dispassionate, in heart and mind towards the questions being asked; if they stir you then they will stir the pendulum.
  • 2/ All questions should be asked to allow for Clear Yes & No types answers only.
  • 3/ you should not use your pendulum in areas where there is an excessive electrical field such as; near TV’s, Microwaves, or high voltage cables.
  • 4/ Questions based on the personal wealth are perhaps too subjective, and may give unclear responses. Wealth Goes beyond Money, of course.

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