Crystals for the Higher Heart Chakra


Crystals for the Higher Heart Chakra, to compliment, stimulate, enhance, open and close the chakra. click on the images of the crystals, to see the complete range of items of that crystal type. 

Crystals for the Higher Heart Chakra
 Rose Quartz
Pink Petalite
Rose Quartz - Opens the chakra and allows for growth compassion and forgiveness, promoting trust and universal love.
Kunzite - Provides release in this chakra, release from patterns of behaviour and addictive behaviour.  Allows us to find detachment.
Petalite - let go! Gentle petalite provides reassurance and helps remove deep seated guilt and grief. You can love what you have left.

Other Crystals for the Higher Heart Chakra - Note: Any stone that you are drawn too, should be the best for you. Trust your own higher self above all others.

  The Higher Heart Chakra is possibly the most important chakra point on the path to spirituality and enlightenment. Its function is to enable us to have compassion for others, empathy and an understanding of our place within a situation. It allows us to put other people first for it understands that such service is indeed required for all. Its cardinal qualities are, surrender, compassion, love, acceptance and letting go. The chakras points more personal qualities allow one to forgive themselves and accept their own life journey, it is for this reason that, rose quartz which corresponds to this area is most used crystal in healing.

Functions - Compassion, acceptance, Fellowship, Trust

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