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Everything that exists is comprised of Energy, Atoms.

Crystals are naturally forming basic Energy Constructs -conductors and radiators of Energy.

Matter and anti-matter, positive and negative atoms, yin & yang. Material energy; in other words what we see or feel with our psychical senses, is the current physical incarnation of energy, where the movement of the atoms is so slow, it provides us with the relative association of “Solid” to the object we observe. Science does recognise that all objects omit or contain other forms of energy in addition to the physical material energy we easily observe. The following section is included to provide guidance on the forms of energy that crystal workers and healers use. The Methods used for unlocking energy are covered partly in the mediation section, but can also be found in most crystal guide books.

thothTapping In to Energy. -To tap into the energy within crystals, we rely on our energy system covered in the Chakras Section and on the Following energy types;

* Electrical, * Radiant, * Thermal, * Sound, * Nuclear

Energy forms are categorised below as follows;

Electrical -
The movement of electrical charges. Everything is made of tiny particles called Atoms, electrons, protons, and neutrons. Application of a force can make some of the electrons move. Electrical charges moving through a wire is called electricity. Lightning is another example of electrical energy. In addition Tourmaline Crystals, Copper, and Quartz conduct Electricity, and many hold a charge.
Radiant -
is electromagnetic energy that travels in transverse waves. Radiant energy includes visible light and invisible light such as; x-rays, gamma rays and radio waves. Light is one type of radiant energy. Solar energy is an example of radiant energy. Crystals can emit electromagnetic energy when charged, your computer emits a signal from the silicon chip, watches and time pieces also use a quartz (silicon) chip to regulate their electrical signal. Many claim that Kirlian Photography provides a picture of electromagnetic currents around objects – certainly it does provide a view of the corona (radiant glow) of an object.
Thermal -
or heat, is the internal energy in substances––the vibration and movement of the atoms and molecules within substances. Geothermal energy is an example of thermal energy. Although Crystals are of the earth, they do not exude heat of their own, they do however heat when held, which does not provide them with Thermal energy, it only reveals their ability to conduct and hold a charge based on both Electrical and Radiant energy. When we work with the crystals we use our Thermal energy to unlock crystal energy.
Movement / Motion energy – Only if you push one, and let it fall from a shelf. This form of energy is relation to the natural movement of a force or object, such as the wind of waves.
Sound - is the movement of energy through substances in longitudinal waves. Sound is produced when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate––the energy is transferred through the substance in a wave. Sound is factor when considering crystal energy, as sound vibration is part of the charging process of a crystal.
Potential energy - is stored energy; the energy of position––gravitational energy. There are several forms of potential energy;

Chemical – Applies more to fuels, and is only applicable to certain minerals more than crystals. VANADATES, SULFUR, AND MERCURY being clear exceptions.
Stored Mechanical – Such as springs and coils, stretched rubber etc. Has no relationship to crystals.
Nuclear - is energy stored in the nucleus of the atom––energy that holds the nucleus together. The energy can be released when the nuclei are combined or split apart. Fusion is the process that releases this energy. In scientific terms the relationship between Crystals, their healing and transformation uses, and fusion is obscured, however depending on how you see the processes that healers and crystal lovers use then the relationship becomes a little easier to understand. This is expended upon in the Crystal mediation section.
Gravitational -
Pure Potential energy, such as the boulder at the top of a cliff, or the weight of a suspended floor.

Crystals are naturally forming conductors and radiators of Energy.
A Crystals energy is the very stuff it is made from and the way that it has formed. Along with its chemical composition, its magnetic field, the magentic field from where it came and the rocks it grew from all add to the crystal, but so does the crystals ability reflect, reflract and absorb light. The shape of the crystal is relative to its chemical composition and magnetic field during its life. Below are some of the common factors considered.

* Crystal Formation - Clarity, Inclusions, or Matrix can reflect a need or purpose. 
* Crystal Colour - Relates to the light vibration and often denotes a chakra vibration
* Crystal Structure - Geometric Shape - Relates to a state of Growth or Principle Purpose.

Each Suggests the Energy of the Crystal.

Crystal Formations
The formation of a crystal is due to the way it grew, the way it came to be. Some crystals are striated, growing in straight lines, from the base where it draws from the matrix of minerals around it. Tourmaline is good example. Tourmaline crystals grow from the matrix in all directions. Tourmaline crystals are always straight. In metaphysical terms this predisposes the crystal as a conductor in a straight direction, and lends to its use and association with the inner flute, or Kundalini tract so, tourmaline helps energy to flow through the inner flute. The formation of a crystal greatly predisposes that way that it is best used.
Crystal Colours
Crystals come in every colour. The affect of colour on the psyche is quite powerful. Just consider how colour is used by Restaurants, Theatres, Night clubs to create “Mood”, or how corporations use colours in logo’s, brand identity and advertising to create a consumer response. The subject of Colour and its effect on us is very spurious indeed, however it is accepted in science and business that it does have a substantial effect. It’s how it does, that people contest. Colour suggests to us, and people are suggestible, but it’s the synergy of that suggestion that is really of interest. Why is it that Red means what it means so widely? Is it a reflection of our relationship to colour over centuries, is it purely environmental, or is it universal?
Regardless of the reason, that fact is that colour does have an effect on us. Shamans over thousands of years have developed their own understandings of colour and crystals, whilst mystics in the east we developing their understanding of the Chakras. Chakras are mystical energy centres on and about the person; each chakra point is a defined colour, and has a purpose. This is an area of great synergy for those interested in crystals for the associations between the two are the same, and the methods of working with both are complimentary.
The colours we are drawn to reflect our energy preference, we are attracted to colours we need, or energies we are deficient in and or require enhancement. The colour of the crystal virtually predisposes where, in terms of the chakras the crystal will affect; virtually, because there are apparent exceptions .ie Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Merlinite and Brandberg Quatz, all of which are favourites to most crystal lovers for their mystical properties.
Crystal Structure
Every crystal has route formation; cubic, rhombohedra, prismatic, etc. These formations are not always so apparent when viewing the crystal at a glance. Iron Pyrite is a good example. You can view this crystal mineral in a variety of formations from poor quality druses through to Pyrite Suns, and perfect cubes but ultimately all iron pyrite has the same basic crystalline structure. Every piece of iron pyrite is “Cubic” at a molecular level. These micro formations are the DNA of the crystal, and predispose the crystal to grow or form in a certain way. The quality of the growth is determined by the raw material that the crystal uses to create its self so the more base material around the mineral deposit the better the formation.
These basic shapes, are referenced in the esoteric world, and have own meanings too.
Ie. A Square or cube equals stability, the numbers 4, 6, 12, which in Tarot correspond to three forms of stability. The 4, stability it’s self, the 6, the stability to reflect or plan, the 12 the restriction of stability.
Triangular formations represent birth, re-birth, change and coming into being hence the Pyramids of Giza, the numbers 3, 5, 9 which tarot relate to three forms of growth. The 3, Birth or Manifestation, the 5 change, the 9, that which must be overcome to create change.
The Crystals we choose, reflect where & who we are.

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