Crystal Grids

Array1aGrid Crystals / Array Crystals

Grid Crystals or array crystals are crystals that can be placed in a pattern to help achieve a purpose.  Crystals are laid to form a pattern.  Each crystal in the pattern serves as a conductor for subtle energy, amplifying and directing subtle energies. The concept is built is on a few simple ideas that have a basis in physics; Energy currents and energy conductors. 

The crystals are placed in a pattern that the Practitioner considers will better enhance the energy type they are focusing on.  Certain patterns may promote a more grounded environment, other patterns may increase the etheric energy, other patterns may open doorways and again other patterns can close doors.

There are patterns that are commonly used such as, platonic solids, sacred geometry icons as well as esoteric symbols, these patterns are not the limit only the standard types, it is essential that the Practitioner feels their way first and rationalises second, so as to allow for one to be guided. You may well find a new pattern, even if it is only new to you. The Practitioner should be able to feel energy currents and so the placing of crystals in a grid should become natural.

For a set of crystals to be able to form a circuit, they need to be programmed to work to specific pattern. Programming crystals is a simple process of energising them with a pattern. This is done by holding crystals and concentrating on the desired pattern or shape, then laying the crystals into pattern. Some users will keep a set of crystals within a pattern at all times to increase the current and others will layout a set of crystals and then charge each one individually and connecting each crystal in the circuit individually. The simplest method is to hold the crystals together and concentrate on the desired shape.


Basic Guide to Patterns

  • Triangle and Tetrahedrons = Manifestation / Creation
  • Pyramids  = Creation, Birth, Re-Birth, Travel
  • Square or Cubes -=Solidity, Stability, Strength, Healing
  • Circles =  Protection, Completion, initiation, Healing
  • 5 Pointed Star or Pentacle Magic, Elemental Work.
  • Pentagram =-Protection, Magic, Healing,
  • 6 Pointed Star = Heart & Mind Balance, Light Body, Travel
  • Spiral = Exchanging Universal Energy, Travel.

Types Of Crystals to Use

Some People are of the opinion that only Quartz should be used, as quartz lends its self to almost any use. Of course crystals do have their own energies which lend themselves naturally fowards a given purpose. If you follow the Link Below, it will take you to a category of Crystal Sets, There you find Specially Chosen sets to use in Crystal Arrays.

HS02car1  Planato These include

Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper and More.. Of course you can use many types of crystals, these have been chosen in part for their size, and mainstream uses.

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