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at ShamansCrystal? This page now lists our latest arrivals, upto 108 only, so be sure to try our "Search function" above, if you can't see what your looking for.  Note: this area only lists new items,  and not items previously "out of stock". .

Whats New & Back in Stock? - 17/09/18

CD's Most Marked down by over 40%. Discount code for this week. New items on the Site include, Natural Citrine Points, Lemurian Quartz Points, Quartz Crystal Spheres, Moldavite Pendants and Tektites

Whats New & Back in Stock? - 21/08/18

Super Seven Crystals, both Polished and Natural crystals, Auralite 23 Polished wands, Peruvian Craved Crystal Angels, Jade Buddhas, Lepidolite and Angelite Buddhas. New 36 inch long Chip Necklaces, Tektites, Shungite, Herkimer Diamonds, Apophyllite, Stilbites and Fluorites, plus Madagascan Quartz Crystals