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Shamans News


at ShamansCrystal? This page now lists our latest arrivals, upto 108 only, so be sure to try our "Search function" above, if you can't see what your looking for.  Note: this area only lists new items,  and not items previously "out of stock". .

Whats New & Back in Stock? - 18/11/17

New items are being Added all the time, Just on - Amethyst Clusters, Quartz Pyramids, Merkaba Discs, Large Display Crystals, many Spheres, New Shungite (really Nice) Sectarian Specimens, Large Black Obsidian Points, Large Calcites, Large Fluorites and more.. 

Whats New & Back in Stock? - 22/10/17

Whats New, Amethyst Spheres, Clusters, Super Seven Points, Citrine Clusters, Merakaba Stars, Black Tourmaline Rods, Moldavite Specimens, Lodestone Magnetite, Lemurian Wands, Clear Quartz Polished Wands, New Gemstone Angels and more to come