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Crystal Information - Products Below

Brazilanite A Gentle Cleanser and purifier of the blood and body toxins. A balancer of mind, heart and action. Gut impulses can be accelerated and ties released, as the message of the crystal is trust in the self and the great journey. Relates to the heart Chakra, with a little added fire.
Healing qualities; making and coping with decisions, relationships, desire, gentle release of trapped emotions and energy, fever, sunstroke, heatstroke, sensitive skin (elixir), sun burn (elixir

Physical Characteristics
Brazilianite - the only phosphate mineral to be used as a serious gemstone. Although the phosphate mineral apatite is cut into gems it is not considered as precious as brazilianite.
Colours -greenish yellow. Brazilianite is found in phosphate rich pegmatites. Brazilianite was discovered in Brazil (hence the name) and was later discovered in New Hampshire.
Transparency: Crystals are transparent to translucent. Crystal System: Monoclinic; 2/m. Habits include complex short prismatic and wedge shaped crystals that seem to lack any symmetry. Crystals are very common, and massive examples are almost unknown. Hardness is 5. Associated Minerals are quartz, feldspars, muscovite and primary and secondary phosphates associated with phosphate rich pegmatites.


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Very Small Brazilanite Tumble Stones

Very Small Brazilanite Tumble Stones

Very Small, Brazilanite Tumble Stones Sold Singly. size around 3-5mm
In Stock
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