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Magnetite Crystals Crystal Information - Products Below

Magnetite Crystal Meaning

Magnetite – the Partner crystal to lodestone. Lodestone being the negative charge of the two whereas magnetite is the positive charge. Together these are favourite crystals for working together.
Teeth, Spine, Hair iron that grows, the piny growth of formation that allows material substance to take to form. Magnetite opens a series of door ways opening a channel that creates a vacuum and pulls energy from one place to another. Transference of form and energy, growth and materialisation.
Move things from one place to another….. this crystal can be used to clear a meridians, unblock areas, remove shadows of pain and grief.
Used to ground wishes and helps in channelling, this crystal can be used alone in hands on healing to bring healing energy into a vessel. It can also be used by readers and healers in times of doubt as it helps with both the grounding of knowledge and application of wisdom.

Iron Oxide: Colour: Black-Grey. Shapes: Octoheral, fine, granular, massive. Hardness: 6. System: Isometric.


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Magnetite Octahedrons

Magnetite Octahedrons

Small Magnetite Octahedron Crystals. Colour: Greyish Brown. Size 0.5cm x 0.5cm on average. Sold Singly.
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