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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds mounted in silver as a pendant

Crystal Information - Products Below

Crystal Meaning - Known as the harvester because of its ability to draw out toxins, it has similar qualities to quartz. A powerful amplifier when used by healers. Enhances inner visions and increases dream awareness. The herkimer is used as an attunement stone in the Melody Method, to attune the healer and the subject to each other. Herkimer's dispel darkness and encourage the circulation of white light. The herkimer also corresponds to the Earth Star Chakra Point. A not so talked about chakra point but one of the most important for light workers. The Earth Star is located approx 18 inches below the feet, and represents grounded channeled energy. It is essential to enhance this energy point of all transformational and magical work too. The earth stars the light we have brought to earth from Arkasha. Herkimer Diamonds are a variety of Quartz that has a typical structure and similar energy for healing. They have many uses and include
Attunement - Used by Healers before a healing session, the herkimer is placed in the subjects hand and then the healer places their hand over the top of the crystal, so that the crystal is between the palms of both. Both Subject and healer should already be circling or concentrating on white light. This process is used to tune one to the other and set the right frequency for healing to take place. Other crystals can be used in this process, favorites are fadden quartz and super sevens. Interestingly, some readers use a similar process to bridge the gap between reader and subject, to help put both parties on the same level.
Herkimer Information
Herkimer Diamonds golden healerHerkimers first came into common use after coming into circulation from the original mine, that bears its name. The herkimer mine in New York USA. More recently other sources for this variety of fenster quartz have become available and include Afghanistan, India, and the Apex mountains. The New York version tends to be the most expensive and are typically clearer hence the term diamond being used, not all fenster quartz is so clear - Afghan Herkimers tend to be white and include rainbows and steletal structure. Apex Herkimers tend to be clear, and often slightly yellow in appearance. Herkimers often form in association of underground water deposits, which aids in the energy frequency tuning them to the etheric and emotional body, in turn this aids to the associations with increasing dream awareness and promoting lucid dreaming, clearing the mind of emotional blockages and aiding in centering and balancing the mind and energy flows around the body. 


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Herkimer Diamonds 1cm in Specimen Box

Herkimer Diamonds 1cm in Specimen Box

New York Herkimer Diamonds, Sold Singly. Size approx 1cm
In Stock
Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Herkimer Diamond Pendant

New York Herkimer Diamond Pendant, Sterling Silver Mounted. Sold Singly.
In Stock
Large Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Large Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Larger New York Herkimer Diamond Pendant, Sterling Silver Mounted. Sold Singly.
In Stock
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