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Kunzite - Pink

Pink_KunziteCrystal Information - Products Below

Kunzite Crystal Meaning

If you are any type of junkie make friends with this lithium bearer. It is an excellent balancer for physical, emotional and mental compulsives.
Kunzite Magical Uses  - Grounding, peace, Promotes feelings of peace and inner strength. Promotes self-love and self worth. Aid one to relax. Removes obstacles from one's life. Dissolves negativity. Protects aura and shields against unwanted energies. Good for meditations. Stimulates sensitivity and sensuality. Makes a good pendulum.
Kunzite Healing Uses - Cardiovascular system, aids manic depressives, repairs the DNA/RNA and deflects microwaves.
Kunzite Physical Properties - Kunzite is Pink Spodumene, a lithium aluminium silicate, relatively rare pyroxene found mainly in lithium rich pegmatites. Spodumene has been found in gigantic proportions, one single crystal measuring over 47 feet long and weighing 90 tons! Spodumene is the principle source of lithium the lightest of all metals. Gem spodumene occurs very rarely and in much smaller. The colour in gem spodumenes ranges from colourless to yellow, pink to violet (kunzite), yellowish-green to medium deep green (hiddenites) and an extremely rare light blue colour. The colour in the gem varieties of spodumene is due to impurities of iron (producing yellow to green coloured spodumene), chromium (producing medium-deep green coloured spodumene) or manganese (producing pink to lilac spodumene), all substituting for aluminium in the crystal structure.
Spodumene Properties - Spodumene , LiAlSi2 O6. COLOR: Clear .INDEX OF REFRACTION: 1.66 .HARDNESS: 6.5 CLEAVAGE: is perfect in two directions CRYSTAL SYSTEM: monoclinic


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Pink Kunzite Crystals 1.5-2cm

Pink Kunzite Crystals 1.5-2cm

RRP: £10.99
Saving: £3 (27%)
Natural Pink Kunzite Crystals. Sold Singly. 15-20mm x 15-20mm in size.
In Stock
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