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Ametrine_JewelleryCrystal Information - Products Below

Ametrine Crystal Meaning Ametrine crystal carved into a wand
Sun & Moon, Male and Female. Ametrine is the natural blend of Amethyst and Citrine. Citrine is assigned to a positive sense of self, and Amethyst to spiritual connection and harmony; together they represent a working harmony between the two, making this an excellent choice for healers. The dual association between answers a common problem for many on the healing path, as healers; being full compassion often give of themselves at the cost of them selves. Ametrine represents a balance for attention to others and attention to the self.
Ametrine Magical use: -Forgiveness, allowance, releasing, understanding, compassion, acceptance. Aura Cleaning (yep all magical, and much needed magical uses).
Ametrine Healing Use - Emotional healing, heart, stomach, feet, back tension,


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Ametrine Rock Crystal

Ametrine Rock Crystal

RRP: £2.25
Saving: £0.26 (12%)
Rough Ametrine Rock Crystal. Sold Singly. Average size 30mm x 20 mm
In Stock
Ametrine Tumble Stones

Ametrine Tumble Stones

RRP: £2.50
Saving: £0.6 (24%)
Ametrine Tumble Stone Crystals, Size 2-2.5cm. Sold Singly.
In Stock
Pack of 7 Ametrine Tumble Stones

Pack of 7 Ametrine Tumble Stones

Save 25%, when you buy this pack of 7. Ametrine tumbled stones each stones sized 2-3cm.
In Stock
Showing 1 to 3 of 3
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