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Budd Stone

budd_stone Crystal Information - Products Below.

Crystal Meaning
Budd stone is about growth and forward movement. Action and intuition combined. Budd stone aligns the earthly senses. It improves hearing, and intuition on an earthly level. Good for business, deal making, positives decisions and action. It lightens the physical body and removes subtle negative energies that can cling to a person and impede their movement. Very good for clearing the feet.

Budd Stone is a new crystal from South Africa. Known as African Jade. Not jade in the true sense.


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Budd Stone Tumble Stones

Budd Stone Tumble Stones

RRP: £1.20
Saving: £0.21 (18%)
Budd Stone Tumble Stones from South Africa. Size 2-3cm x 2-3cm Sold Singly.
In Stock
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