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Morganite - Pink Beryl

 morganite2 Crystal Information - Products Below

Morganite Crystal Meaning
Activator, cleanser and stimulator for heart chakra. Used in treatment of emphysema, tuberculosis, asthma and to enhance rejuvenation of disordered cells. Stabilizes heart, clears lungs. Helps bring love into ones life and assists in maintaining love as it continues to grow.

Morganite Physical Properties
Beryl occurs most often in mica schist's of metamorphic-hydrothermal origin wherein the schist's and other associated host rocks formed by chemical interaction between granites rocks or pegmatite's and the enclosing basic (silica-deficient) rocks. The colour of beryl varies, and gives rise to named varieties. It can be colourless, white, green (emerald), yellow (heliodor), pink (morganite), red and blue (aquamarine). The streak is white and it is translucent to transparent with a vitreous lustre. The pink, rose, peach and violet varieties of beryl are called Morganite. Its colour is caused by the manganese impurities found within the mineral.
Morganite tends to form tabular prisms, and it is diachronic.
Group SILICATES, Composition Be3Al2Si6O18, Hardness 7.5, Crystal structure HEXAGONAL.


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Extra Large Morganite Tumble Stone Crystals

Extra Large Morganite Tumble Stone Crystals

Extra Large Morganite Tumble Stone Crystals, Size 2.5cm-3.5cm, Sold Singly
In Stock
Pack of 7 Morganite Tumble Stone Crystals

Pack of 7 Morganite Tumble Stone Crystals

Save 25%, when you buy this pack of 7.  Tumbled Pink Morganite Crystals. Size 2-3cm x 2-3cm.
In Stock
Morganite Tumble Stone Crystals

Morganite Tumble Stone Crystals

RRP: £4.50
Saving: £0.75 (17%)
Tumbled Pink Morganite Crystals. Sold Singly. Size 2cm - 2.5cm
In Stock
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