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Ruby Natural formation

Crystal Information - Products Below

Crystal Meaning - The Servant of the Servants, traditionally this stone has been used to preserve the body and improve mental health. It acts as a protective shield on all levels and brings economic stability, and inspires love. Rubies are one of my favorites - it was years before I was ready to see how good they are. Physical health - excellent, stress - few better, creativity - absolutely, practical use of knowledge and understanding - oh yes. In addition they are psychic, magical, protective, and ...inspire wealth, abundance, whilst attracting opportunities, love, and other crystals. If like crystals and have tried rubies then you had missed out. Whats more, the formation of these crystals leaves them often to include Record Keepers, akashic records.. often referred to as ancient Knowledge. The sister to Ruby of course is Sapphire and those a just as great.

Magical Use - Confidence, love, creativity, wisdom, spirituality, self-esteem, courage and stimulate leadership abilities.  Healing Use  -Heart, circulatory disease, arthritis and eases pain and spasms.

Physical Properties - Ruby is a form of corundum along with other minerals such as sapphire (many varieties) and padparadscha. Ruby is the name given to red gem quality corundum. Pure corundum is extremely rare in nature and is colourless. Gem corundum of any colour is referred to as sapphire with a preceding colour designation if the colour is any other than blue. Blue corundum is simply called sapphire. There are two other colour varieties of corundum that have specific names, the pinkish-red to red ruby and the orangish-pink padparadscha. Rubies may be any shade of red, pinkish, purplish, brownish or red, dependent on the chromium. Rubies are frequently twinned; crystal prisms are hexagonal with tapering or flat ends. Some corundum occurs with minute rutile inclusions at an angles of 120 degrees from each other according. If the concentration of rutile fibers is sufficiently dense, then when this material is fashioned into a cabochon gem with the c axis of the corundum perpendicular to the base of the stone, reflected light from the rutile inclusions could concentrate on the surface of the gem forming white lines that intersect every 60 degrees forming a six ray star. This material is known as star ruby if it is pinkish-red to red. Group OXIDES, Composition Al2O3, Hardness 9.0, Crystal structure TRIGONAL. Also see Zoisite and Ruby


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Natural Ruby in Specimen Box

Natural Ruby in Specimen Box

Natural Ruby Crystals Sold Singly approx size: 12mm x 12mm x 3mm
In Stock
Ruby Crystals Natural formation

Ruby Crystals Natural formation

RRP: £6.99
Saving: £1.74 (25%)
Special Offer, Buy 3 or more for 3.99 each. Natural Ruby Crystals Sold Singly approx size: 12mm x 12mm x 3mm
In Stock
Ruby Tumble Gem Stones

Ruby Tumble Gem Stones

Rare - Tumbled Ruby Gemstones Sold Singly, Size Varies 1-2cm. 
In Stock
Fuchsite Kyanite and Ruby Palm Stones

Fuchsite Kyanite and Ruby Palm Stones

Fuchsite Kyanite and Ruby Palm Stones, Sold Singly, Average Size: 4.2cm x 4cm sizes will vary.
In Stock
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